Exoderm Peel

Exoderm peel non-surgery face and neck lift

Exoderm peel - By Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel – By Exoderm I.M.C

Exoderm peel - By Exoderm I.M.C

Exoderm peel – By Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel the original Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel the original Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel non-surgery face lift
Exoderm peel non-surgery face lift
Exoderm peel non-surgery face lift
Exoderm peel – Exoderm Medical Centers

Exoderm peel

The only original Exoderm peel ! since 1985, provided the original method known to be the best deep chemical peel that is safer than any other regular deep phenol or any other type of peels with relative no risks and or any known associated complications. removes wrinkles hyperpigmentation and most types of spots and age folds, shrinks deep Acne Scars by up to 70 % , renews the skin and the elasticity and the results will last for many years.  
Exoderm is actually the only real anti aging treatment for long term prevention of skin aging.
the original Eoderm is the only deep peel that can be done all over the neck area as well  just as the eyelids that will prevent the droop of skin and increases the level of Collagen and the Elastin by about 80- 90%.
good for any age from 18 – 80.

Exoderm peel is changing lives 

Helps looking younger and to gain back your self-confidence. People who have aged wrinkled or skin damaged or simply wish for a preventive treatment can reverse the process and gain back their young good looking just as they actually feel ,  Exoderm peel is the best solution for men and women looking for youthful and attractive appearance without any surgery or changing your natural mimic unlike as happens with surgical face lifts or fillers.  
let us give you the appearance that you desire.

What is the original Exoderm peel ?

Face and neck Skin fully renewal – rejuvenation  A complete non surgical Face and neck lift.  in 8 days only. Lose all your wrinkles, folds, Acne scars and hyper pigmentation,
longest lasting results ! gain skin Elasticity back, the results are immediate.

Exoderm peel treatment :

The peelings are done in the most modern operating rooms,
you will get a light sedation by our best anesthesiologists,
No general Anastasia is required or done ! you will be actually awake during the treatment, but feel no pain and monitored by our staff and doctors .
the peel lasts 1.30 -2.00 hour only , after the application of the Exoderm solution a special mask will cover the face, the eyes and lips are free from the mask.
In about 2-3 hours after the peel you will be removed by us to our facilities, clinics or your Hotel ,
the special first mask will be removed after 36-48 hours, and replaced by a light antiseptic powder
that remains till day 7 or 8.  During the healing days in our accommodation or hotels the patients are under our observation 24 hours a day,  can rest , eat and drink and move around comfortably using full board with 24 hour room service.   As from the removal of the last mask you may return home and even back to work.

After care includes moisturizing cream and high factor sun block,
first days the color of the new skin will be pinkish that can be covered by any kind of make-up.

Warning : For Ptients and Doctors ! 

Since there are several fake “Exoderm peelings” in the market that are only using our reputation but has nothing to do with the original method and formulas therefore we highly recommend to all patients to approach only one of our licensed and franchised doctors and only clinics that are part of the Exoderm International Medical Centers chain and that are working by our franchise methods and materials with our full back up,

The original Exoderm peel is known worldwide since 1985 under our management to be one of the safest and the best face and neck non surgery face lift , however many fake and or regular simple deep phenol and other peels try to imitate the Exoderm Peel by advertising elegantly similar methods and or results but are done actually with different methods by taking much higher unnecessary risk for any patient and actually they are using mostly a basic very old methods based on phenol formulas and basic known ingredients but claiming to use the Exoderm or even worse as “new inventions”  , either the fake Exoderm peel or Exoderm lift,  Magic mask.  or “ Molding mask” and or several other fantasy names,  however non can be comparable with the results or the safety non risk treatments as the only original Exoderm peel done by our special proven methods,  therefore we suggest to verify your doctor and the clinics and to verify the methods, materials that are used ! and ask about the possible complications and the aftercare,  since some of those Doctors and clinics do not reveal the patients the real technics their using beside promising the same fantastic results and some are even calming to have “non chemical formulas” or natural ingredients – meaning that they do not tell the patients as for the risks of Deep Phenol peels that they actually use and cover that by different types of fantasy and “new Gimmick “ names !  however any deep peel should and eventually contains acids !  no acid that can melt the skin can be “natural” and actually it is chemical just as using the “bio” term does not mean that it is safe anymore than any other chemical acid – however if to get the deep results we suggest to use the only known safe peel such as the original Exoderm that is proven for more than 35 years to be really safe.

one of the fake basic Exoderm peels is known for many complications and even fatal cases, the same fake method and formula was changed by several doctors and others in to some different names,  however none of them was safe or free from risks and all of them actually were based on basic old methods of phenol peels but claiming for risk free methods , basic medical rules and law is that any premade formulas or solutions that are used and distributed by others are actually Piratical made and sold and do not have any approval by the FDA or any other Eu or worldwide health or pharmaceutical authority !   Actually it is considered as a pharmaceutical crime and illegal for any doctor to use any premade formulas that actually they do not even know what does it contains and if was not made or prescribed by him personally !  therefore all of those fake Exoderm formulas and or “Molding masks” and or by several other names that are all premade sold solutions that most doctors buy and use to perform any type of deep peels are illegal and contains high risk – even if they do not call it as “chemical deep peel”

E-mail us  verify your doctor.

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